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  • Rewards are calculated based only on staked tokens, not total supply.
  • Rewards are proportional to the number of tokens staked.
  • Rewards are distributed in the first week of the month for the previous month's staking.
  • A new staking month starts immediately after reward distribution.
  • Both total tokens staked and staking time impact reward calculations.
  • Tokens must remain staked until distribution to receive rewards. No rewards if unstaked early.
  • Can join/exit staking anytime. No penalties but gas fees apply.
  • No minimum ETH required to claim rewards, but gas fees apply.
  • Gas Fees will be instantly refunded if claim is 0.05 ETH and above
  • Unclaimed rewards accumulate and are automatically sent if unstaking.
  • Must unstake all tokens, no partial unstaking.
  • Undistributed rewards due to insufficient staking time roll over to the next month.
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